We have two on site Adirondack furniture makers. Joining the Sharps Lumber business is Kelly Sharps and Tate Conkey. Tate has been making furniture for many years now alongside Kelly and the busy summer of 2008 has proved that they are here to stay. Tate and Kelly filled countless orders for chairs, tables, coat racks, sunbursts, and even a bocce court! With a large volume of Steve’s pine slabs, black walnut, cherry and curly maple pieces, beaver sticks, and old Adirondack stumps to work with, Kelly and Tate have made a name for themselves in the community. Prices for their Adirondack pieces are lower then other furniture builders because there’s no middleman. Check out their photos in the furniture gallery below which also includes a sampling of furniture that has been created for other customers. To obtain more information, please contact us.

Sharps Lumber is proud to be affiliated with the following craftsmen and organizations. We can provide the perfect piece of lumber and will work with our trusted and highly skilled craftsmen to create furniture to your specifications.

Furniture Builders

Simply Fine Furniture
Eric Johnson’s Furniture


New Hampshire Furniture Masters
New Hampshire Made
New Hampshire League of Craftsmen