Roasted (Caramelized) Curly Maple

All of our Roasted Maple is sold out at this time. We hope to restock more soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

The roasted, caramelized, and/or torrified wood is heat treated and the darker color process is made by putting the wood into a dry kiln and bringing the moisture content down to 4%.

After that the kiln is vacuum sealed and the curly maple is heated at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours. The end result is a permanent darkening completely through the wood.

11/20/2015. Joseph Hamilton ( recently sent us a picture of a roasted birdseye maple guitar body he’s working on using our wood:


Below is a Roasted Birdesye Maple kitchen counter top:


Chuck Fowler from South Carolina purchased some of our Roasted Maple and made some beautiful guitars out of it. You can reach him at


FowlerGuitar5 FowlerGuitar6 FowlerGuitar12 FowlerGuitar8

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