Figured Black Walnut

Prices starting at: $12. a board foot.

Highboy with book matched, crotch grain drawer fronts
Highboy with book matched, crotch grain drawer fronts.

Black Walnut is a dense, chocolate colored hardwood that grows in plain and
patterned figure, simular to Cherry. Among the finest native hardwoods, black walnut is highly desirable for furniture and it produces wonderful veneers. It is perhaps most renowned and coveted for its use by gun stock makers.

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We are seasoning about nine thousand feet of Black Walnut on our property that we acquired over the winter. The logs were straight and beautiful and have now all been sawed up into mixed widths and thicknesses. They will soon be put in the kiln and ready to sell this summer:

photo 1photo 1photo 2

We also have 5/4 and 8/4 thick slabs kiln dried and ready to go: